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Home to producer Jeff Henson, Red Nova Ranch is a unique recording studio for artists to get away and focus solely on the album we are creating. The studio is set on a private lake east of Austin, in the Texas countryside. Our focus at Red Nova Ranch is crafting and capturing the best album an artist is capable of making.

We emphasize quality over quantity and making sure each project is recorded well, with the purest signal possible, and fine-tuned detailed mixes and masters. We use a hybrid analog/digital signal path, utilizing the Neotek Elan console and other outboard units, along with ProTools and our 32 channels of Apogee conversion.

Still doubling as a touring musician, Jeff understands the importance of having an oasis; an escape from reality. In that spirit, we have kayaks and fishing poles for the lake, an above-ground swimming pool, a full outdoor kitchen, a firepit, plus you never know what other musicians may be lurking around in the woods.

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